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About us

Stichting Ruimte was born in the spring of 2008 after discussions between the city council, housing corporations and local cultural institutes. The formation of an independent organisation to promote the accommodation climate for small-scale creative businesses in the city was an expression of the joint ambition to put Eindhoven on the map as a creative city.

With educational facilities like the Design Academy, TUe and the Sint Lucas within the borders of the city, and many other creative programs in the vicinity of Eindhoven, there is a significant demand for good and affordable workspace for artists and creative businesses. Furthermore, there is also a need for effective coordination between available spaces (for example, old factory buildings that are no longer used for their original purpose) and the long waiting list of registered, creative workspace-seekers that was formerly held by the city council and now exists at Stichting Ruimte.

By realising a suitable supply of creative accommodation as central objective, Stichting Ruimte considers it important that tenants can work comfortably and can develop further in their chosen field. The organisation is therefore always searching for an optimal balance between functionality, quality and diversity of workspaces. Furthermore, Stichting Ruimte involves the tenants as much as possible with the policies, management, and atmosphere within the various projects.